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Kodeclust Technologies - Myth about digital marketing you should know

Digital marketing is an indispensable business strategy in the contemporary world, and there is no doubt about it. It has become so pervasive to the point that it has been integrated into the fabric of our daily lives. The ads we see on social media and search engines, the videos we consume on video sharing platforms and the articles we love to read on our smartphones are all elements of digital marketing that have dramatically changed the way whose companies compete and find success these days.

Digital marketing has become so powerful – to the point that many business owners think it is timeless, and all of the concepts, strategies and tactics produced by the so-called “gurus” are infallible and true.
It is quite true that digital marketing is constantly evolving; what was once the truth is no longer applicable. However, it is a completely different story if one takes on certain notions of digital marketing that are not true in the first place.

Read on detailing the main digital marketing myths and the truth behind these false beliefs.

Myth 1 : A small budget can produce huge results

You can get very substantial results from a basic digital marketing campaign created on a shoestring budget.

Reality :

The arena of digital marketing has changed dramatically over the past decade. More and more companies are integrating digital marketing into their marketing budget, even small businesses. This means that competition has become tougher and that companies have to pay more to achieve results similar to their competitors.

Myth 2 : Campaigns Can Work Without Supervision And Collaboration

Outsourced digital marketing campaigns can generate results even without any intervention or collaboration from your company.

Reality :

In order to have a productive outsourced digital marketing experience, a business must understand that the process must be collaborative throughout the partnership. An outsourcing relationship is an effective solution that can only work if everyone brings their strength to the table.

Myth 3 : One-size-fits-all approach across multiple channels

What works in SEO can also be applied in social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, etc.

Reality :

Business people tend to look for simple and clear answers when faced with a problem. This is why you can find many articles entitled “the definitive guide” or “the keys to a successful campaign” as if these contents were specifically designed to solve their problems.

Myth 4 : The return on investment of this strategy comes quickly

Plan a good digital marketing campaign and when it goes online you will get your return on investment in no time.

Reality :

Far too many businesses and marketers think that when they spend a certain X amount on SEO, email marketing or social media marketing, they will immediately get 3x or 4x that amount in sales and profits. However, besides the fact that measuring ROI is a challenge faced by digital marketers, achieving ROI from this strategy will also take time.

Myth 5 : High website traffic is imperative

Profitable digital marketing campaigns can only be carried out if the website is gaining tons of traffic.

Reality :

This is one of the myths that can be easily debunked with simple logic. In other words, take a group of 1,000 young adult men and place them in a store that sells accessories and clothing for teenage girls. How many are likely to stay in the store for more than a few seconds, and more importantly, who is likely to make a purchase? The answer is obviously zero in both cases, which means that all of the efforts to get these customers to visit this store have been a waste of time and money. High website traffic only has value if it is high quality traffic that converts. Therefore, it is entirely possible to experience a decrease in traffic and an increase in income in digital marketing.



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